I’m Retiring

Timing is EverythingThe general timeline provides key steps to ensure you receive your pension and other benefits once you retire.

Retirement Timeline

60-90 days before you want your pension benefits to begin

  • Establish your employment end date with your supervisor and notify your HRBP.
  • Request your pension paperwork and confirm what other benefits you are eligible for through Fidelity NetBenefits or call the Retirement Center at 833-637-4015.
  • If you and/or your spouse are eligible for Medicare on your employment end date, contact the Benefits Center at 800-622-5501 to avoid a gap in medical coverage.

30-60 days before you want your pension benefits to begin

  • Elect your form of pension payment on Fidelity NetBenefits or call the Retirement Center at 833-637-4015.
  • Return required retirement forms.

After your employment end date

  • If eligible, enroll in retiree medical and/or life insurance on My Benefits within 30 days or any COBRA coverage within 65 days. You may also call the Benefits Center at 800-622-5501.
    Please note: Your active employee coverage ends the last day of the month in which you leave the company. If you see providers prior to enrolling in retiree medical or COBRA coverage, you may initially be told that you are without coverage. Once enrolled, coverage will be made retroactive to the first of the month following your employment end date. Claims can then be reprocessed accordingly.
  • Receive your pension payment approximately four to six weeks after your benefit calculation has been finalized.
  • Consider when you’d like to take a distribution from your ConocoPhillips Savings Plan. Contact Fidelity at 833-637-4015 or visit site.