ConocoPhillips Savings

The company provides competitive benefits that give you the flexibility to reach your future financial goals.


Savings Plan Benefits

Voluntary Employee Contributions

  • Contribute on a before-tax, after-tax, or Roth 401(k) basis, or a combination of all three, up to the IRS limits.

Company Match and Discretionary Contributions

  • When you contribute a minimum of 1% of your eligible pay each pay period, you will receive a 6% company match with a 0%-6% company discretionary contribution.
  • The target for the discretionary contribution is 3%, for a 9% total company contribution.
  • The discretionary contribution of 0%-6% will be based on factors such as company performance and market conditions. It will be reviewed twice a year for the January – June and July – December periods and deposited as a lump sum into your account following your savings plan investment choices.
  • You’re always 100% vested in your contributions, company match and discretionary contributions.
  • Eligible pay includes base salary and overtime.
  • This plan is voluntary – you decide whether or not to enroll and where to invest your account funds. You must enroll with Fidelity to participate.

Company Retirement Contribution (CRC)

  • If participating, you will receive 6% of your eligible pay each pay period in your account at Fidelity.
  • ConocoPhillips provides 100% of the CRC. The CRC does not require any employee contributions.
  • After three years of service with the company, you are 100% vested in any company retirement contributions.
  • Eligible pay includes base salary, overtime, and bonus.
  • You are automatically enrolled.

You have flexibility in investment decisions

  • You can change the way your account balance and future contributions are invested at any time
  • If you do not select an investment option, funds will be invested in the default Vanguard Target Date Trust. The Target Date Trust selected will be the one with the year closest to when you will turn age 65

Contact the Retirement Center to enroll or if you have any further questions

  • Online:
    Logon through HR Express > Savings or go to
  • By phone: Call 833-637-4015 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Central time.