You will see more mental health providers through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX)

  • The Mental Health Substance Use Disorder (MHSUD) claims administrator is BCBSTX, which provides employees with access to a nationwide network of more than 430,000 behavioral health professionals and treatment facilities.
  • Your BCBSTX health advocate will continue to be a main point-of-contact for your health care needs, now including MHSUD. Contact them to help you set up appointments, find providers and answer any coverage questions you may have.

Concern is our new U.S. Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) administrator

  • Concern provides access to professional assessments, short-term counseling and referral services to help you resolve personal issues that arise in your work and home life. You will have timely referrals to qualified professionals, along with a variety of online resources to support you and your family.
  • As a reminder, employees and their eligible dependents may receive up to eight sessions of EAP counseling per issue, per year, per family member. These sessions are available at no cost to you and are confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. Why did ConocoPhillips change from Beacon Health Options to BCBSTX for the MHSUD Program?
    A: Moving our mental health benefits to BCBSTX will improve access to mental health professionals and create a more efficient and seamless experience. BCBSTX delivered on more doctors and better services for our medical plan, and we know they’ll do the same with our mental health benefits.
    BCBSTX also offers established programs with case managers to address mental health needs, and you can talk to your health advocate about you and your family’s needs.
  • Q. Can I continue to see my existing provider?
    A: If you are currently in a course of treatment through Beacon Health Options, please contact your health advocate at 1-800-343-4709 to minimize disruptions to your current course of treatment.


  • Q. Why did ConocoPhillips change from Beacon Health Options to Concern for the EAP?
    A: After carefully evaluating several potential EAP vendors we believe Concern will help our employees have better access to high quality EAP providers. Now more than ever, helping employees navigate challenging life circumstances and mental health concerns is key to the company’s success. EAP is free to you and your eligible dependents and is a company investment in your health and wellbeing.
  • Q. What services are covered by EAP?
    A: All employees and their dependents are eligible for up to eight sessions of confidential EAP counseling at no cost. Counseling options include individual, couples, or family counseling, and also include in-person, video, text and asynchronous text.
    Concern provides a professional and confidential assessment of your needs. They will help you identify the right EAP provider or other resources for you or your family members.
    Employees and their family members also have access to Concern’s digital platform of self-help information and resources including articles and apps to help employees with a variety of mental wellbeing topics.
  • Q. Can I continue to see my current EAP provider?
    A: Yes, if you start seeing a Beacon EAP provider prior to Jan. 1, 2021 you can continue to see that provider for the remainder of your eight sessions as long as they are completed before June 30, 2021. You can also nominate a provider to the Concern network by contacting Concern directly if they are not already part of the network.
  • Q. Can I contact Concern to find a new EAP provider for 2021?
    A: You can reach Concern at 800-344-4222 for assistance with services beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

Health Advocates

  • Q. What is a health advocate? How do I get the help I need?
    A. In short, a health advocate can help you and your covered family members: 
    • Sort out a new diagnosis and what to do next; 
    • Talk to a BCBSTX clinician about health questions;
    • Understand your health benefits; 
    • Shop for quality, lower-cost health care; 
    • Get personal assistance with your health care matters; 
    • Understand your appeal rights for bills from doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals; 
    • Coordinate care between different doctors and hospitals; and 
    • Schedule appointments and arrange second opinions.
  • Q. I got a call from someone stating they are my health advocate from BCBSTX. Is this a scam?
    A. The health advocate program, also known as Health Advocacy Solutions, is a free service for ConocoPhillips Medical Plan members. It provides a dedicated health advocate to help you navigate and use your benefits. At times, they will initiate contact to help you with your care. The health advocate will always provide their name and employee number. While it seems odd for someone to call you and then request your date of birth or address, please understand this is for your protection and confirmation that they have reached the correct person. If you are not sure of the caller, you may hang up and call Health Advocacy Solutions at 1-800-343-4709 and ask for the person by name or employee number to confirm their identity.

Insurance/ID Cards

  • Q. When will I receive my new BCBSTX ID cards?
    A. Member cards will be mailed prior to Jan. 1, 2021.
  • Q. What if I do not receive the ID cards before Jan. 1, 2021?
    A. While all members should receive their ID cards before Jan. 1, 2021, your card can also be printed online at beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Please contact Health Advocacy Solutions and speak to a health advocate at 1-800-343-4709.
  • Q. How many cards will I receive? Will each dependent get one?
    A. BCBSTX will mail two cards to each household for Family coverage, and one card for You Only coverage. Additional cards may be requested by talking to a health advocate at 1-800-343-4709.
  • Q. Can I download my new card from the website? When will I be able to do so?
    A. Yes, you may register on the BCBSTX website under Register for Blue Access for Members on Jan. 1, 2021 and print additional ID cards.
  • Q. If I have a dependent that lives at a different address than the primary covered participant, can you send their card to that address?
    A. Yes, you can add a second address in Blue Access for Members and request an ID card be mailed there.
  • Q. Why does the BCBSTX card say PPO in the bottom right corner? I thought we only have HDHP plans.
    A. PPO stands for preferred provider organization. Preferred provider organization is a type of health insurance plan network in which doctors, hospitals and other health care providers contract with a health insurance company or third-party administrator to provide health care at a reduced rate to their clients. The ConocoPhillips Medical Plan is a High Deductible Health Plan with a preferred provider organization.
  • Q. I live in North Dakota. Why does my member ID card say Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas?
    A. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is a part of the Blue Cross Association of companies, which is a group of affiliated companies that provide health insurance and plan administration for self-insured companies like ConocoPhillips across the United States. While ConocoPhillips directly contracts with BCBSTX, our employees and retirees will have access to a national network of providers.

This summary provides an overview of certain terms and conditions of the health and welfare benefits and are for information purposes only. Benefits and eligibility for coverage are determined under the specific provisions of the official plan documents and any underlying insurance contracts. If there is any discrepancy or conflict between this summary and the terms of the official plan documents and any underlying insurance contracts, as applicable, the official plan documents and insurance contracts, as applicable, will control. ConocoPhillips reserves the right to amend, change or terminate the health and welfare benefit plans, any underlying insurance contracts or any other programs, at any time and without notice, at its sole discretion, according to the terms of the applicable plans, programs or any underlying insurance contracts.