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Local Access

Chestnut Global Partners strives to maintain a quality network of providers wherever ConocoPhillips has expatriates. If you are in a location where local resources are not available or the local resources do not meet your needs, they will arrange for video/telephonic services. Employees and eligible family members use the Chestnut Global website to identify the local EAP resource and make an appointment directly with them.

Initial “In-person” Assessment

Together, the EAP clinician and the employee and/or family member discuss the issue, its context and possible solutions. The EAP clinician also focuses on how the issue may interfere with work performance and/or family relationships.

The assessment includes: 

  • A review of the employee and family member's rights, available EAP services and nature of confidentiality. 
  • A review of presenting and related issues, taking into account the employee and/or family member's strengths, coping skills and motivation for change. 
  • An evaluation of any high risk factors, such as substance abuse, suicide potential and domestic violence. 
  • A determination regarding whether the concerns can be handled with short term counseling within the EAP or if a referral beyond the EAP is indicated. 
  • A solution-focused action plan that addresses the employee's concerns and resolves issues that may disrupt work performance. 

Short Term Counseling

Short term counseling is most appropriate in situations related to issues such as cultural adjustment, marital distress, parenting concerns, work related stress, interpersonal communication issues, mild anxiety or depression, grief and loss. Short term usually means from one to eight sessions.Subsequent Referral Beyond the EAP

If the problem cannot be resolved within the EAP, the EAP clinician will refer the employee and/or family member to the most appropriate and available resource for additional counseling, treatment or support. For treatment needs beyond the EAP you will be referred to the Cigna Global medical plan.