That’s why ConocoPhillips is partnering with Aetna to help employees, retirees and their families get the most out of their medical benefits. Before your next doctor’s visit, review these three tips:

Know Your Options
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Tip #1 – New for 2018, start with Aetna concierge to get your health questions answered.
From planning a doctor’s visit to understanding medical bills, health care is becoming more complicated, so ConocoPhillips has partnered with Aetna Concierge to help. This expanded service gives employees, retirees and their families, at no additional cost, access to a personal health assistant who is knowledgeable about ConocoPhillips medical benefits and can offer a more personal, hands-on experience. To speak with a personal health assistant about your health care needs, understanding a bill, or even scheduling a doctor’s appointment, go to to chat online or contact 1-800-738-7674, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time.

Tip # 2 - Use Quest Diagnostics labs and Teladoc to save time and money on medical care.
In the coming months, if you participate in ConocoPhillips medical benefits, you will receive a new Aetna Member ID card. The Aetna Member ID card has been updated with Quest Diagnostics labs and Teladoc information. Quest Diagnostics is our preferred network laboratory. Let your doctor ‘s office know to use Quest whenever possible. If Quest is not available in your area, DocFind® or the Aetna app can help you find a network laboratory. As a reminder, Teladoc allows you to speak with a licensed doctor by phone or video, 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you need immediate care, and it’s never more than $40.  

  Quest Diagnostics Network hospital Out-of-network hospital
Lab cost $80 $150 $225
Your coinsurance 20% 20% 40%
Your cost $16 $30 $90
Recently, an employee experiencing back pain visited a physician who ordered a routine blood rest. A typical cost for the this test is around $150. Instead of choosing a network lab, the physician sent the blood sample to a non-network lab in another state, which charged $7,000 for the same test! The employee was billed more than $1,000 for their portion of the bill. This is a real example – don’t let this happen to you. 

Tip #3 - Use network providers to avoid unexpected and costly medical charges When you can choose where to go for health care, seeing a non-network provider or laboratory can result in unexpected and expensive charges. Before seeking medical care or receiving lab work, be sure to check Aetna’s DocFind to ensure your provider is an Aetna network provider.  Carefully read the doctor’s consent forms and remember that ‘Accepts Aetna Insurance’ does not mean they are an Aetna network provider. If you receive unreasonable or unexpected charges from a non-network provider, try contacting the provider’s billing department to request the charges be reduced or waived, and be sure to notify your primary care doctor that you do not want to use non-network providers of any kind. There are generally multiple network providers available to you. If you receive a bill for more than the Aetna Explanation of Benefits says is your responsibility to pay, contact Aetna concierge at 800-738-7674 to speak with a personal health assistant for help.  

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