I’m Retiring

Timing is EverythingThe general timeline provides key steps to ensure you receive your pension and other benefits once you retire.

Retirement Timeline

60-90 days before you want your pension benefits to begin

  • Establish your employment end date with your supervisor and notify your HRBP.
  • Request your pension paperwork and confirm what other benefits you are eligible for through Fidelity NetBenefits or call the Retirement Center at 833-637-4015.
  • If you and/or your spouse are eligible for Medicare on your employment end date, contact the Benefits Center at 800-622-5501 to avoid a gap in medical coverage.

30-60 days before you want your pension benefits to begin

  • Elect your form of pension payment on Fidelity NetBenefits or call the Retirement Center at 833-637-4015.
  • Return required retirement forms.

After your employment end date

  • If eligible, enroll in retiree medical and/or life insurance on My Benefits within 30 days or any COBRA coverage within 65 days.
  • Receive your pension payment approximately four to six weeks after your benefit calculation has been finalized.
  • Consider when you’d like to take a distribution from your ConocoPhillips Savings Plan. Contact Fidelity at 833-637-4015 or visit site.