Adoptive Parent

Growing your family is an important and exciting time in your life.

Ellen DeSanctis

“Parenting is hard. Working is hard. These are two hard jobs. To attract and retain top talent, we have to be able to help our employees do these hard jobs well.“

ELLEN DESANCTIS - vice president of Investor Relations and Communications and the company’s Parents Network executive sponsor. Read More


Learn which steps you’ll need to take to ensure a smooth transition.

Family Medical Leave (FML)

Family Medical Leave is an unpaid leave that provides job protection for up to 12 weeks and is used at the same time as other paid or unpaid leave policies.  

(unpaid or vacation)
  Total Family Medical Leave
2 Weeks


Up to 10 Weeks


12 Weeks

Determine which time-off policies you will utilize:

    • 2 weeks Parental Leave within the 12-month period immediately following the birth of your child. Weeks are not required to be concurrent or continuous.
    • Vacation may be taken to continue pay while on FML.
    • Family Medical Leave (unpaid, may run concurrently with ConocoPhillips policies).

Preparing for your time-off

  • Have an initial conversation with your supervisor to share your news and plans to take time off. This conversation must take place early enough for your supervisor to plan for your absences, both before and after your child has arrived.
  • Discuss and finalize your plans with your supervisor.
  • Request and complete an FMLA packet from HR Connections

Financial assistance

The company provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of adopting a child and reinforce the company’s commitment to enhance family life. Read more

After your child's arrival

  • If you would like to take FML, complete the Care & Bonding Form.
  • Within 90 days of adoption or placement for adoption, add your child to your benefits coverage on YBR. You may also consider enrolling in a Dependent Day Care FSA to utilize pre-tax dollars to pay for day care and/or increasing your contribution to the Health Saving Account.

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