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    ConocoPhillips provides a variety of policies and programs to support employees as they endeavor to achieve a challenging career and fulfill their personal goals.

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    A change in status allows you to make changes to your benefits coverage if reported in a timely manner. GO


    You and your dependents may elect to continue coverage through COBRA. GO

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    Information if your ConocoPhillips employment ends. GO

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    Forms & Documents

    Find forms, SPDs and handbooks regarding your company-sponsored benefits.


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    Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

    Standardized documents that highlight key medical option provisions. GO

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    The Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the ConocoPhillips Savings Plan. GO

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    The Summary Plan Description (SPD) for health and welfare. GO

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    The Summary Plan Description (SPD) for retiree health and welfare plans. GO

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    HR Contact List

    Consult HR with your benefits-related questions.

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    Often needed for buying a home or car, applying for a loan, and establishing credit. GO

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    W-2 Online Delivery

    Provides W-2 statements online before it has time to reach your mailbox. GO


ConocoPhillips offers two options for dental coverage to provide you and your family with regular check-ups, preventive care and other services to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The CP Dental option provides the most comprehensive care, including preventive services and major dental and orthodontic procedures. The Preventive Dental option covers only preventive dental services. Regardless of which option you choose, you can see any dentist. However, in-network providers will generally provide the best savings.


Preventive Dental Option CP Dental Option
Cost Sharing
Annual deductible None $50 individual
$150 family
Annual maximum benefit $2,000 per person $2,000 per person
Dental Services
Diagnostic and Preventive Services Covered at 100% Covered at 100%
Basic Services Not Covered 80% covered after deductible
Major Services Not Covered 50% covered after deductible
Orthodontia Not Covered 50% covered; $2,000 per person lifetime maximum benefit

2014 Monthly Employee Cost

Preventive Dental Option CP Dental Option
You Only $0.00 $8.00
You + 1 $0.00 $16.00
You + 2 or more $0.00 $28.00