Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Accidental Death

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits offered under the ConocoPhillips Life Insurance Plan (the Plan) provide your family with valuable financial protection in the event of your death, dismemberment, or other covered loss due to a covered accident. You can elect this coverage at any time during the year.

Coverage Options for You and Your Spouse

You can elect from $20,000 to $1 million (in increments of $10,000) for yourself, but it cannot exceed 12 times your annual pay. You can elect $20,000 to $500,000 for your spouse.

Coverage Options for Eligible Dependent Children

You can elect $10,000 to $50,000 in coverage for your eligible dependent child(ren). You pay one amount for the policy which covers all of your eligible dependent children.