If you’re off the job and under the care of a physician because of a non-work related disability, illness or injury – like childbirth, cancer treatment, surgery, a hospitalization, or even a cold or the flu – you could receive replacement income for up to 2,080 hours.Coverage starts on the first day of your absence as long as you notify your supervisor within 24 hours of your first absence and submit an Employee Health Report (EHR) no later than your seventh consecutive calendar day of absence. Short-Term Disability benefits vary from 60% to 100% of your pay. Your benefits are based on your regular scheduled work week, your number of years of service and the length of your absence. 

Year of service completed # of hours of benefits1 at:
  100% of income 60% of income
< 6 years 320 1,760
At least 6 years but < 8 years 480 1,600
At least 8 years but < 9 years 640 1,440
At least 9 years but < 10 years 800 1,280
10 years or more 1,040 1,040

The 2,080 hours benefit may vary due to work schedules that are not 40 hours per week and/or 8 hours per day. Contact HR Connections for further information.