The Retirement Choice period closed Nov. 9, 2018. Click here to learn more.

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 with Vanguard to start saving today! You’ll need your plan number: 092538.

Savings Plan Benefits

  • When you contribute 1% of your eligible pay, you will receive a 6% company match with a 0%-6% company discretionary contribution. 
  •  The target for the discretionary contribution is 3%, for a 9% total company contribution.
  • The discretionary contribution of 0%-6% will be based on factors such as company performance and market conditions. It will be reviewed twice a year for the January – June and July – December periods and deposited as a lump sum into your account following your savings plan investment choices. 
  •  A minimum 1% employee contribution is required each pay period to receive the company match and any company discretionary contribution. 
  •  Contribute on a before-tax, after-tax, or Roth 401(k) basis, or a combination of all three, up the IRS limits.
  • You’re always 100% vested in your account balance. 
  • You can change your contribution amount at any time. 
  • This plan is voluntary – you decide whether or not to enroll and where to invest your account funds.