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Review the HDHP options and helpful resources

  • View the 2019 Compare Medical Options to learn what HDHP options are currently available.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your medical plan benefits
  • During the Annual Benefits Enrollment, utilize the Medical Cost Estimator to compare your medical costs in the HDHP and HDHP Base options

Check out Frequently Asked Questions for more information

  • Why is the PPO option being discontinued in 2019?
    The PPO option is expensive for employees and for ConocoPhillips. The High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) options with a Health Savings Account allow employees to save pre-tax dollars for medical expenses today and in the future. Employees pay a lower premium, have the ability to save for future medical expenses and are protected from high medical costs.
  • What is an HDHP?
    An HDHP is a medical plan option with a deductible that exceeds the minimum required under IRS regulations to be eligible for a Health Savings Account.  Generally, an HDHP has a higher deductible than a more traditional medical plan option in exchange for lower premiums.
  • What is the difference between the HDHP Base and HDHP?
    Compare Medical Options will show the features between the HDHP Base and HDHP.
  • What is a Health Savings account?
    Find out more here.
  • Can a Health Savings Account help me save for retirement?
    Yes, it can help you save for retirement. Go to HSA to learn more.
  • Can I continue seeing the same specialists and doctors I have? Lab services?
    Yes, the doctors and facilities available under the PPO plan are also available under the HDHP plans. There is no difference in providers between any of the current medical plan options.
  • How are prescription drugs covered in the HDHP?
    Prescription drugs are covered the same as other medical expenses, they apply to the deductible and coinsurance. The HDHP option covers certain generic preventive medications at 100 percent.
  • Do I need to take action to ensure I continue to receive my long-term prescriptions under the HDHP?
    No. Your prescriptions will automatically transition to the new medical option benefit effective Jan. 1, 2019.
  • What happens if I do not elect an HDHP option during the enrollment period?
    If you do not actively select a new medical plan option, you will be defaulted to the HDHP without HSA medical plan option.

This summary provides an overview of certain terms and conditions of the health and welfare benefits and are for information purposes only. Benefits and eligibility for coverage are determined under the specific provisions of the official plan documents and any underlying insurance contracts. If there is any discrepancy or conflict between this summary and the terms of the official plan documents and any underlying insurance contracts, as applicable, the official plan documents and insurance contracts, as applicable, will control. ConocoPhillips reserves the right to amend, change or terminate the health and welfare benefit plans, any underlying insurance contracts or any other programs, at any time and without notice, at its sole discretion, according to the terms of the applicable plans, programs or any underlying insurance contracts.