Health Improvement Incentive Program

Last year, 76% of employees participated in the ConocoPhillips U.S. Health Improvement Incentive Program. Not only did they receive payroll credits, but some also learned they were at risk for conditions that can be controlled, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Many positive stories demonstrate the steps our employees have taken to improve their health. To continue this momentum and build on these healthy habits, over the next several years, new programs will be introduced to help support you and your family in maintaining or achieving good health.
This year, we’ve enhanced the U.S. Health Improvement Incentive Program based on your input. There is now one place where you can register for your biometric screening and track your progress for all your incentives. Visit The Platform and click on Biometric Screening Registration or Check My Incentive Status. We’re also providing you with details to help you better understand what you need to do to earn your payroll credits for
next year.

The Good for You! campaign icons you see next to Healthy Weight program activities are your indicators of qualifying activities for the incentive program.