Employees participating in the Cash Balance Account (CBA) have a choice to continue participating in the CBA or switch to the new Company Retirement Contribution (CRC) of 6% to the Savings Plan effective Jan. 1, 2019. The one-time choice period closed Nov. 9, 2018. Because the CRC is deposited into your Savings Plan account at Vanguard, you determine how to invest your retirement dollars and may be able to earn higher returns than what you earn in the CBA.

Retirement Choice Chart

Steps to Assist You in Making Your Choice

Read the guide and attend an employee meeting

View your information in the modeling tool

The online modeling tool is available to help you determine which retirement option is best for you. The modeling tool allows you to generate a retirement projection by using assumptions that match your personal situation. You can call 866-731-7453 with questions.  

Retirement Choice period closed

The one-time Retirement Choice period closed Nov. 9, 2018.